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What you see is
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Our pricing is simple and to the point. You will never find hidden fees because we publish all of them right here. No matter how fast you grow, we guarantee to provide you with the same great service. If you’re ready to scale your fulfillment, we have the plan for you.

Billing made simple

Our weekly billing structure is very easy to understand, so you will never find any surprises or hidden fees. You can always count on Shipsters to be upfront and transparent with the service we provide. We want to keep you around, and we’re confident that you’ll want to stay.

Step 1:

Identify how many orders you process per month to determine your pick fees.

  • 0 - 500
    501 - 1,000
    1,001 - 2,500
    2,501 - 5,000
    5,001 - 10,000
    Monthly Orders
  • $2.50
    First item picked per order
  • $0.50
    Additional items per order
  • FREE
    Promotional Inserts
  • $2.50 + .25/additional item
    $2.50 + .25/additional item
    $2.50 + .25/additional item
    $2.50 + .25/additional item
    $2.50 + .25/additional item
    Return Processing

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*Fragile items & items heavier than 5 lbs may incur additional charges. Contact us for a custom quote.

Step 2:
Estimate your storage requirements

We have strategically designed our facility to reduce your overall storage cost. Your inventory size and turnover rate will dictate storage location(s), so that we can pick, pack, and ship your orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.


per week


per week


per month

What’s Included?

  • Powerful cloud-based Order & Inventory management
  • Dedicated Personal Shipper with Slack channel
  • Real-time PackShot order verification
  • Standard packaging and supplies
  • Discounted shipping rates
  • Unlimited dashboard users
  • Unlimited integrations
  • FREE Receiving
  • Address Validation
  • International Order processing
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Same Day shipping (orders by 12pm PST)

If you have any additional needs,
we have you covered

Container unloading

$300 - $500

Once your container arrives at Shipsters, we will take care of the heavy lifting...

Special projects

$35 per hour

Whenever you need help with tasks that fall outside of our included services...

Minimum pick & pack

$250 per month

If your combined picking & storage is at least $250, this does not apply to you...

Standard packaging


Our standard packaging covers most ecommerce shipments with ease...

Special packaging

Get a quote

Although we stock a wide variety of packaging, you may require more...

We rate shop
to save you money

During the fulfillment process, we rate shop each connected carrier to ensure you are paying the very best rate with the right service type for every single package that we ship. This functionality is fully automated and 100% customizable to fit your business, giving you the power of complete carrier control.

Discounted carrier rates

Leverage our heavily discounted shipping rates across all major carriers. If you prefer to use your own account(s) we can accommodate that too. Our powerful cloud-based platform gives unlimited options to ensure that you don’t overspend when it comes to shipping your orders. We never mark up our discounted rates, and always pass along the savings to you.